Jeg hedder Sameera


At the canal!

Hej my friends!  In case you’re wondering, the title of this blog is just saying “Hello, I’m Sameera.”  I cannot get over how much I love Copenhagen.  I can’t wait to explore the rest of the country and more while I am here!  First I need to tell everybody about the Amazing Race!  On Wednesday, a small group of us were given different destinations to visit around Copenhagen with DIS professors at each stop to inform us about the sites we were seeing.  Jessica and I were in the same group with three other students, and we walked around Copenhagen to see the Royal Palace, Parliament, Black Diamond, and the Church of Our Saviour in Christianshavn.  Apparently Christianshavn is a hot spot in Copenhagen, so I look forward to going there again!.  We stopped to take a ton of pictures, so even though we had three and a half hours to reach all of your stops, we did not reach Nyhavn.  I guess I’ll just have to go there sometime later!  The architecture is just so beautiful in Denmark, it is hard not to stop and appreciate it.  Christian IV of Denmark is responsible for a lot of the architecture here.  One of the professors at our stop at Parliament told us that if somebody asks us who was responsible for one of the buildings, we should just say Christian IV, because we have a 90% chance of being correct.  They had free coffee, tea, and hot chocolate at a couple of the stops.  Since I have never had coffee, I opted for the hot chocolate.  It was frothy and delicious!  They even had free danishes, or wienerbrød at the Studenterhuset, or Student House.  However, we went after the big group meeting we had after finishing the Amazing Race, and the wienerbrød was all gone!  I was so disappointed that I did not get to try my first Danish danish.  Even more so because it was free.  If you didn’t know this already, it is pretty expensive to live in Denmark.  But, I am really happy to be here!   After dinner last night, Jessica, Karin, Steen, and I took a short walk around the neighborhood with the dogs.  After that I showed our host parents a bunch of pictures!  Of course I showed them my cat Booker first.  I also showed them family pictures from India so that they could see what India is like as well as many of my family members.

Yesterday was Kristine’s last day home before leaving to study in Jutland, so we had a big dinner with many people!  I met Karin’s father for the first time, Kristine’s eldest brother Søren, and his girlfriend Oda.  Also, Steen had a friend who’s son was hitchhiking with his girlfriend from Norway.  They wanted a place to stay and now they are here with us!  It was fun to hear about their adventures.  For dessert Karin’s father made some more delicious bread for us.  They called it “moist bread” because it had a chocolatey center, and I thought that was a funny way to refer to it since I know some people who don’t really like the word moist.  If you’re one of those people though, don’t worry about it because Oda thinks it’s a strange word too.  Apparently the last time he made this bread was two years ago for Søren’s birthday.  I’m honored that I was able to try a piece of it since he only makes it once every two years!  We spent so much time talking and hearing their stories that I did not want to leave to do my readings for the first day of school.  Don’t worry though!  It got done. 🙂

Our group for The Amazing Race at The Royal Palace.

Christiansborg Palace has the Parliament, Supreme Court, and Prime Minister’s office. There have actually been three such buildings. The first and second Christiansborg Castles burned down.

Today was my first day of school!  This morning was a little crazy.  We had breakfast with our host parents, Kristine, and the two hitchhikers.  Although it was not a danish, I did have my first danish pastry at breakfast!  Yum!  We had to say goodbye to Kristine before we left for the S-tog because she was leaving to study in Jutland.  After that, Jessica and I showed the hitchhikers the way to the train station since we had to go there as well to get to our classes.  We did not ride the train with them though because they had to buy their tickets, and if we did not get on the S-tog that came shortly after they left to buy their tickets, we would have been late for our first class!  It’s a good thing they did not get on that train though, because a conductor came by to check everyone’s tickets!

Jessica and I got to class just in time!  But, I think I’ve forgotten how to go to school.  I’ve been enjoying exploring Copenhagen so much that I forgot about the study part of study abroad.  😛  My first two classes were The Social Brain and Holocaust and Genocide, and they were back to back.  Each class is one hour and twenty minutes long.  After spending about 20 minutes with introductions in The Social Brain, our professor said that we would take a short five minute break.  That seemed strange to me because we did not learn any dense material or anything, but whatever!  And then in Holocaust and Genocide, the class ended up being only 20 minutes long!  My professor Torben apologized for his “parody of English,” but his English, and this goes for every Dane I have met so far, is very good!  I’m embarrassed that I do not know their language as well as they know ours.  After class, Jessica and I met up along with our friend Dylan and got sandwiches at a place called Sandwich Pigeon.  They give DIS students discounts, and everybody in line there seemed to be a DIS student!  We took our sandwiches to a square and had lunch on the steps.  Then I went to a bookstore to buy a few more notebooks and folders.  Jessica and I decided to go home early because we were both pretty tired.  I kept nodding off on the S-tog.  I am afraid I’ll miss my stop sometime when I’m on it by myself!  One thing that kept me up this time was when we stopped at Lyngby on our way home.  All of a sudden it just started pouring rain and it seemed to come out of nowhere!  And when we left the station, it just stopped!  That was the shortest rainfall I’ve ever seen in my life.  Let’s hope not I don’t need to rely on the rain to stay awake on the train (I’m so poetic :P).  I have my next round of classes tomorrow, so I will be taking The Enemy Within and Human Health and Disease.  I would normally have Biology of Marine Mammals too, but that class does not start until the 28th.  Wish me luck!

My first Danish pastry.


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