Planning Ahead…

Well folks, yesterday was my second first day of school and it was definitely more stressful than it needed to be!  Normally I would have a class on Friday at 8:30, but we don’t start that class until Tuesday.  Therefore, I ended up going with Jessica into the city since we both had a 11:40 class.  We left the house at 10:40 because we thought that would give us about 10 minutes to actually find our classes.  However, a couple of stops before my stop at Nørreport, we heard a bunch of Danish being spoken over the loudspeaker and had no clue what was going on.  A a little bit later, the train just stopped for about 5 minutes.  This has never happened to me yet, so I was a little worried, but we started moving again, so I thought it would be alright.  However, the train stopped again!  This time it was for a good 15-20 minutes in a tunnel right before my stop!  I was watching the clock on the train go from 11:30 to 11:33 to 11:37, and finally 11:40.  I was officially late for my first day of The Enemy Within, and I still needed to actually find the class once we got into the city!  The train didn’t actually start moving again until 11:47, and very stressed just watching the class and standing at the exit so I could get off as soon as possible.  When the doors finally opened, Jessica and I just ran out of the station like crazy people.  I looked frantically for my class once I got to the correct street.  At least I knew it was at Nørregade 7-A23 and I had my map handy.  Some other DIS students who were on the same train told me that they knew exactly where my room was and that they were headed in that direction.  I followed them for a bit, but the had misheard me and were actually going to Vestergade 7.  Luckily I figured this out pretty quickly and ran back to the correct street.  I saw a sign overhead for Nørregade 7-B, but I couldn’t find A for the life of me!  I asked a couple of Danes on the street, but they looked just as confused as me when I asked them about finding A.  I eventually just went inside B because I had no idea where else to go at that point.  It turns out that 7-A was actually at one of the top floors once I got into 7-B.  I was flustered because I had to get my Student ID card to get into the DIS area of the building that was not completely DIS classrooms and such like my other ones have been, and I finally burst into the DIS area and asked the first person I saw where my classroom was.  I walked into class a couple of minutes past noon trying to be as inconspicuous and quite as possible.  I sat down, got my notebook and pencil out, and was trying my very best to calm down.  I cannot stress enough how flustered I was!  The worst part was that as soon as I sat down and was ready to go, class was over!  We got done early, so I basically missed everything and did not get to meet any of my classmates!  After class, I went straight up to my professor and apologized for being late and missing all of class.  I told him about the unfortunate train ride and that the reason why the trains were running late was because somebody had tried walking in front of one of the trains to commit suicide. 😦  He was very understanding and said I did not miss anything.  He even told me that he had to ask an intern where the class was because he had no idea himself!  I felt a little better, but I was still upset about being late.

I had a little time before my Human Health and Disease class was meeting in a DIS courtyard to figure out how to get to our hospital.  I walked around Copenhagen for a bit so that I could figure out where all the streets were by myself.  I feel a lot better about finding my way around now.  It doesn’t seem very difficult because the city area, especially the area where all the DIS classes are, is actually smaller than I thought it was.  I do want to navigate further into the city soon though!  I then walked around Strøget to kill some more time.  Strøget is the main shopping area in Copenhagen and is the world’s longest pedestrian street.  It is about 1.1 km in length and stretches from the City Hall to King’s Square.  I walked into H&M again, along with a lot of cool and decently priced stores that we don’t have in the U.S.  I haven’t done any shopping yet because I want to see where I can get the best deal, but it is always fun to just look around!

It was then time to head back to the courtyard to meet my Human Health and Disease Class.  We left at 1:35 even though we were missing two people and headed to the metro.  I felt a little sick on the metro, but I think I have just been dehydrated.  I felt a lot better once we got off the metro and were able to walk around.  The hospital I will be having class at is called Bispebjerg Hospital and it is only 12.5 km away from my home in Virum.  This is great because class goes from 2:30 to 4:30 (this is my latest class) and then I can just jump on the S-tog and head home.  The hospital is absolutely gorgeous!

Bispebjerg Hospital

This is the first time DIS is using Bispebjerg Hospital for a section of Human Health and Disease, but one of the doctors, Dr. Peter Nørregaard, has been with DIS since 2004, so I am not worried.  Peter is the chief physician of the Department of Endocrinology and Gastroenterology.  The other doctor was a little bit late to class because he was on call until 3!  His name is Dr. Rahim Naimi and he just started with DIS.  He also works in the Department of Endocrinology and Gastroenterology.  Class was more of the introducing yourself to your classmates and getting to know the teachers, so we did not do a whole lot, but it is good information to know!  We will be doing a lot of hands on stuff like practicing our suture skills on sponges, putting in iv’s, and practicing putting catheters in phantoms.  It should be interesting!  The only departments the hospital does not have are gynecology and pediatrics.  I am still pretty confused on how their system works, but Dr. Naimi said he will be teaching it to us in depth on Tuesday.

A few girls I met headed back into the city after class.  One of the girls and I went back to the shopping street Strøget again until we had our Medical Practice and Policy (MPP) social at 6.  She bought a couple of things, but I didn’t!  Then we headed to the social.  They had a spread of fruit, crackers, really really tasty brie cheese, and different wines which I knew nothing about.  I think I had too much cheese….We also had to do more of the ice breaker introduction stuff at the social where we did 2 minute speed dating maybe three or four times.  My voice hurt after trying to talk really loudly over all of the students talking at the same time.  Loud Americans. 😛

We were still hungry after the social since it was not actually dinner, so a bunch of us Carleton students tried finding a place to eat after the social.  As we were wandering around, we can across the Copenhagen art festival.  There was a ring of fire that I got to run through which was pretty cool!  There were also random doors everywhere, and a band playing with a a gorilla suit drummer.  It was quite entertaining.  However, we did not find any food so we kept on walking after that.  Eventually, Jessica, Annie (another Carleton girl) and I dropped off from the big group at The Falafel House because we did not want to walk any further.  We got a bite to eat and then at 9 we met at the Studenterhuset because we had a planned a Carleton student meeting.  There are a ton of us here.  At the MPP social, everyone I met not from Carleton commented on how many of us there are here!  They said that there was always one of us in their classes!  I finally got to catch up with my friend Loren at Studenterhuset and she showed us where she was living in the city.  DIS has a Culinary House, and her room and kitchen is amazing!

Today our host family is taking us into the city to explore!  We’re about to have breakfast (more pastries!), so bye for now!


The breakfast table this morning. 🙂


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