Having my camera out all the time doesn’t make me look like a tourist, right?

After breakfast yesterday morning, Jessica and I left with our host parents to tour some of Copenhagen!  Our first stop was at The Little Mermaid based off of the Hans Christian Andersen fairytale.  Everyone who told me about it before said that it was not very exciting, so I had low expectations.  It was bigger than I thought it would be though!  There were so many tourists there and it was a bit difficult to try and get a good picture of the statue without anybody in it.  Apparently she has been decapitated twice.  Poor Little Mermaid!  The statue was restored both times and moved further out into the harbor to prevent that from happening again.  I hope that she can keep her third head on for a while now.  We walked around a military area after that but I can’t remember the name of it.  It was very close to The Little Mermaid Statue which is in Langelinie.

The Little Mermaid!

Jessica and I at the military area.

Our next stop was Christiania, which is a very different part of Copenhagen.  It has about 1,000 residents and kind of runs on a collective anarchy.  In 1971 the area was occupied by squatters and has been able to run on its own even since.  It’s very artsy and hippie like.  What happens in the area just depends on what the residents want to happen, and they don’t pay any taxes like everybody else in Copenhagen.  I think it’s amazing that they have been able to keep the land for themselves for this long without any autonomy.  It is a very popular tourist attraction, so that may be one of the reasons why it has been allowed to stay.  They make and smoke marijuana in Christiania, and they do not allow pictures.  I’m sure if you look it up though, you will find some.  There are also many dogs that roam around the area.  Karin was telling me that a veterinarian actually takes care of them all, so that made me very happy. 🙂

Our final stop was at a Church called Grundtvig’s Church.  It was so beautiful!  Karin and Steen might be taking Jessica and I to a concert there on Wednesday, so that should be fun!

Outside Grundtvig’s Church

Inside Grundtvig’s Church!

After dinner we took a walk in the woods with the dogs.  Karin took us up a very narrow path to show us some wooden sculptures that artists had put there.  We would not have known about them without her!  They were wooden sculptures of naked families.  I took a very unfortunate picture of Jessica.  Oops!  We also saw a group of people in their Live Action Role Playing (LARP) costumes.  I heard that it is very popular here so maybe I’ll get to see it in action soon!

This morning after breakfast Karin, Steen, Jessica, and I went to play tennis at their local tennis club.  I haven’t played tennis for about two years so I was a little rusty.  I thought I was going to be so terrible!  But, I kept getting better the more we played.  I could still use a lot of practice though!  Steen was my doubles partner while Jessica played with Karin.  We lost 6-3, 3-2 (we didn’t have time to finish the whole set), but there were some pretty close games!  I hope we get to play again soon because I’ve forgotten how much I love playing tennis!

Me and my wonderful doubles partner Steen!

Now I am about to leave for Immigration so that I can get my residence permit for being here (important stuff!) and then it’s time for homework.  Oh joy. 😛


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