Getting My Groove On

Hi everybody!  There hasn’t been too much going on now that things have settled down a bit, hence the not posting something everyday.  On Sunday I went to Immigration to get my Danish Residency Permit so that I can stay and come back to the country from my study tours in Hamburg, Berlin, and Poznan.  Pretty important stuff!  While I was waiting for the S-tog, there was an announcement.  Of course I didn’t understand it, and now I always get worried when there are announcements because of my last experience.  A lady sitting next to me on a bench asked me what was said.  There was no way I could help her and I told her that I don’t know any Danish!  It turns out that she is an English teacher in Jutland, so her English was very good!  It took me a while to realize that being an English teacher here is not the same as being an English teacher in the U.S.  I was really proud of myself because I got to talk to a Dane.  We had a nice conversation on the train as well.  She was curious about why I was here, what I would be studying, and she told me all of the sites I need to see.

They took us to Immigration via bus, which was nice.  The only thing was that I got lost trying to get to our meeting place! I thought I knew where it was, but I am terrible with directions and maps, so it took a while.  Thankfully, I planned ahead and gave myself some time to find the place, and I got to the bus just in time!  Once we got there, the I was told to go to counter 12 or 13 for biometrics.  I just walked straight up there completely oblivious to the long line of other DIS students waiting for their turn.  Oops!  The line was super slow because the two machines they were using both broke, making the wait even longer.  Once that was over, they didn’t provide us busing back to where they picked us up, so I walked with a girl I had just met all the way back for about 20 minutes.  It was sprinkling a little, but the view of the canals made it all better. 🙂  Then I did homework.  One of my readings was only 6 pages, so that was wonderful!  Definitely not a reading assignment from Carleton.

I was still a little paranoid about riding on the S-tog since my last incidence, but Jessica and I left early again for class on Monday to make it there on time!  The train didn’t make any unexpected stops and we still had time to spare!  First I had The Social Brain.  I think that it is a very interesting subject.  Since I took Cognitive Processes at Carleton, I have a pretty solid background, which is helpful!  Our prof puts a lot of things in her powerpoint though, so it’s hard to figure out what we actually need to know when it comes to exam time.  I hope that becomes more clear as the term goes on.  Holocaust and Genocide is also a very interesting course.  We talked about the 8 Stages of Genocide and the UN Convention Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide from 1948 (my 6 pages of reading!).  The 8 Stages are a bit too ideological, but it’s a helpful way to understand genocide.  It’s a rough topic, but my prof seems to be very knowledgeable.  I’m looking forward to learning more!  That class got done with a half hour to spare.  I hope I don’t get used to being done early because last time he let us out with about an hour left!

I really like getting out at 1 because then I have time to explore more, or just go home.  After class, Jessica and our friends Nikki and Dylan went to eat our packed lunches in Gammeltorv again, one of the squares in the city.  Nikki doesn’t like pigeons, so it was entertaining to watch her try to shoo the pigeons away while we were eating.  I made a peanut butter and banana sandwich.  You probably don’t care, but while I was making it, I realized that the creamy peanut butter here actually has nuts in it!  Not so much creamy, but still yummy!  Then we went to a bakery that had a student discount!  You have to make sure you ask for the student discount, because even if you come in a group of your fellow students, if you don’t ask, no discount.  I had a Danish Dream Cake, or Drømmekage.  It’s basically a buttery cake with a brown sugar and coconut topping.  So good!  After that, I walked around the city with Jessica because she didn’t have another class until 4.  After about an hour, I decided to go home to do some homework!  I love coming home early because then Lucky and Maysi are there to greet me. 🙂

Hi puppies!

Today was my first day of Biology of Marine Mammals!  Unfortunately the class starts at 8:30 in the morning, which means I have to leave the house by 7:35ish to get there on time.  But, that’s ok, because I love all of the aminals! 😛  We talked a lot about the taxonomy and different orders the mammals were in today.  I hope we don’t spend too much time on that, because I find it to be a bit boring.  It’s fundamental for the rest of the course, but still kind of dull.  And, I actually got to stay at my class The Enemy Within for the WHOLE time.  I don’t know very much about the Cold War, and it seems very interesting so far!  In Human Health and Disease we learned about interviewing patients because we’re going to have to do that for the class!  It’s pretty straight forward, but it’s different to hear about it and then actually do it.  We will see!

Now that I know my way around to my classes, I feel a lot more comfortable in the city and commuting to the hospital.  I’m never lived in a city before, so this has been a new experience!  I can get used to being able to go into stores between classes though!


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