An Entertaining End of the Week

So, on Thursday, Jessica and I were planning on making dinner for our host family.  After class I went to Holte, which is only one stop further on my way back home.  There was a huge grocery store, but I still couldn’t find any orzo in the pasta section!  I told Jessica that if I didn’t find any orzo, we needed a plan B since we already promised to make dinner!  We decided on making omelettes!  They seemed simple enough and we could find all the ingredients we needed at the grocery store we usually go to called Netto, which is pretty basic.  Then I came back home and got to skype with my parents!  It felt a little weird being the only one in the house for a little bit, but I decided to take a nap until Jessica got home so we could start cooking.  That was a great decision.  The ingredients we had for the omelettes were red, yellow, and green peppers, mushrooms, and tomatoes.  We made some baked parmesan tomatoes as well.  Unfortunately we didn’t get all of the omelettes done until around 8.  Steen and Karin said they thought they were good.  When we asked Andreas, he said that they were interesting. 😛  I can’t tell if he was just playing with us, or if he was serious.  But either way, it was pretty funny.  I hope that we will get to cook for again soon sometime soon so that we may redeem ourselves!  My mom said that she would e-mail me some Indian recipes, so maybe that will do the trick.  Steen and Karin said they love Indian food!

On Friday, I woke up at 6:30 so that I’d have time to eat and get ready before heading to the train at 7:20ish.  Once I got to my class, the student intern was sitting in the class and told us all that class was canceled!  I was so upset because I could have slept!  Me and my friend Caylin decided to walk around the city for a bit since we had nothing better to do.  We ended up getting lost trying, but I had a muffin from a bakery along the way, so that was yummy!

Later in the day, my Human Health and Disease class had a tour of the radiology lab in Bispebjerg Hospital.  One of the students got an ultrasound!  I’m secretly glad it wasn’t me even though that would have been pretty cool.  After the tour, the class was looking at a bunch of X-rays together.  The doctor basically gave us a pointer and asked us where the problem was or where this organ was on the X-ray.  We just had to jump right in even though most of us had no idea what we were looking at!  I just kind of vaguely pointed at an area, and ended up being pretty close, so that was good!

Dinner on Friday night was pretty fun too!  My host brother Søren came to visit, and so did Kristine’s boyfriend Frederik.  They were pretty entertaining while they played the piano and sang for us before dinner.  After dinner, which was lovely as always, we watched a French movie called The Hedgehog.  It was in French, and had Danish subtitles.  Therefore, I didn’t understand any of it.  I decided to go to bed early because I had to be up around 6:30 again because I was going to Hamburg for a study tour over the weekend!  I’ll let you know about that later though, because I need to go to bed.  Tomorrow I’ll be up early again for short study tour to Western Denmark!

P.S.  I had my first slice of raspberry Friday night!  So many firsts in Denmark. 🙂

Our evening entertainment. 😀


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