Silly Me!

Yesterday after our first morning lecture which was again about the Danish health care system.  But, it was more about the social aspects of it which was a nice change.  After that, I walked around Strøget with my friend Kaitlin since we had some free time before our next activities.  We walked into a store called Candy MegaStore.  There was a wall that said “Taste of America” so Kaitlin and I browsed through it to see all of their American specialties.  They had Peter Pan peanut butter, microwave popcorn, jello, Lucky Charms and Fruit Loops knock off cereal, maple syrup, canned pumpkin puree, and also other weird things I’ve never really seen or things that really aren’t quite that popular in the U.S.  It was pretty entertaining to see all the random things branded as American, and I just thought you should know I guess. 😛

Today I finally joined a gym called fitness DK.  There are a bunch of locations, so I can go work out after class, or go to a stop not far from Virum if I want too.  I got to re-watch the pilot episode of How I Met Your Mother on my elliptical machine.  It made me so happy to watch a tv show in English and finally work out after about 3 weeks of not doing so…oops!  Anyway, on my way back, I swore I was on the right train line, but for some reason I ended up taking the A line instead of the B line to take me home.  The only problem is the A line does not take me home!  Luckily I realized that I was on the wrong line before I went past a stop where most of lines stop called Svanemøllen.  I felt really dumb, but I only had to wait 2 minutes for the B line.  Then when I was on the right train, an announcement came on and the last three stops that the train usually makes completely came off the screen.  I didn’t know what was going on, but when the train stopped at Lyngby, which is only two stops away from Virum, EVERYBODY got off the train.  I was pretty sure that I was supposed to get off too.  Then I had to wait another couple minutes for another B line train to come.  So, instead of taking just one train home, I ended up taking three.  I felt silly.

This is what it looks like on the S-tog. The only thing was that the stops Lyngby, Virum, and Holte were taken off the screen, and I need to get to Virum to go home!


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