Chasing the Sun

Hey everybody!  I just wanted to left everybody know about my fun filled weekend.  On Friday I was done with class at 2 which was wonderful!  I came home early and just relaxed.  Jessica and I were on our own with our host brother Andreas because our host parents went to their summer home on an island called Langeland in Denmark.  The first night we made dinner for ourselves was interesting.  Andreas asked us if we wanted pasta, so we said that would be good!  But then he poured in a TON of pasta.  We definitely still had at least half of the pasta left after all three of us had our fill.  I told them that I could finish the pasta with peanut butter, but they thought that was weird.  Later that night, Jessica and I met with our friend Annie to go to a concert at Tivoli!  We ended up getting season passes because they are definitely worth the money if you go to Tivoli at least three times, and we are planning on going for Halloween and Christmas.  The lights at Tivoli at night are amazing.  I can’t imagine what it’s going to be like during Christmas season!  After walking around and seeing all of the lights, we headed to the Mike Sheridan concert.  He is a Danish producer of electronic music.  It was pretty cool, but I was just tired.  By the end of the concert, I was ready to go home and sleep in!

Mike Sheridan concert



I didn’t really sleep in.  I went to bed around 1:30 in the morning and woke up at 7:30.  I wish I could sleep in but my body just doesn’t want to do it!  After doing a lot of nothing in the morning, Jessica and I left to go back into the city to meet our friend Dylan for some site seeing!  First Jessica and I had lunch at The Falafel House, and then I got some ice cream at a place called Paradis.  The ice cream is really creamy here, and Paradis has had the best ice cream that I’ve tried so far!  After I got my ice cream, the three of us headed to Christianshavn to climb up to the top of the Church of Our Saviour.  It’s a gorgeous church, and the view from the top is spectacular!  As you get closer to the top, the steps get steeper, and when you’re on the winding staircase to the top, it gets much narrower so the traffic getting up and down can be difficult.  It was really windy up there too, so wearing a dress was a terrible idea on my part.  The view was definitely worth it though.

I climbed up to the very very top!

On the spiral staircase

Our next stop was the Dutch renaissance style Rosenborg Castle. It’s the first castle I’ve ever been to! The castle grounds were really pretty, as was seeing the castle itself. In front of the castle are two statues of lions. One has it’s mouth close, but the other lion has it’s mouth open. King Christian IV had that done on purpose so that he would have somewhere to leave his keys when he went out to party for the night. The castle was originally built as his summer house to be away from the city.

The lion with it’s mouth open.

The Rosenborg Castle

Getting a tour of the castle is definitely a tourist trap. First, you have to pay 50 DKK for your ticket into the castle. Then, you have to pay another 20 if you want to take pictures. Jessica ended up taking all of the pictures inside the castle because we thought it would be ridiculous for all three of us to be taking pictures of basically the same things and then having to pay for them. Then, they gave us as sheet with all of the general information about the rooms in the castle, but, if we wanted a guidebook with explanations for all of the rooms and items in the castle, we had to pay an additional 25 DKK. We didn’t think that was worth it at all, so we made up some of the history. I decided that one of the rooms that just had a fancy chair and table was the room where King Christian IV would eat by himself. I don’t think that’s true though!

Picture of the crowned jewels courtesy of miss Jessica Wu.

On Sunday Jessica and I went on a canal tour with our friends Stephanie and Morgan. It was a little cold and windy, but we are trying to do all of our major sight seeing while the weather is still good! It was a beautiful tour, and I think I’m a little obsessed with Nyhavn. I took a bunch of pictures of the same scenery. I couldn’t help it! The canal tour started in Nyhavn and then took us around in a figure 8 like path both north and south bound. It took us to the Opera/Base Camp, Batteriet Sixtus, The Little Mermaid, Langelinie, The Trekroner Fort, The Black Diamond, and much much more! One pretty funny thing was that that the bridges the canals go through are really low, so basically everytime we approached a bridge, we would hear something like, “the next bridge is extremely low, please remain seated.” After about an hour on the tour, I think we got the picture. 😛

Nyhavn again. I told you that I’m obsessed.

Today is the last day of summer, so I’m glad that the weather has been good to me and that I’ve been able to do a lot of site seeing! Also, happy first day of classes to all of my Carleton friends! I hope that you all have a wonderful fall term. 🙂

Lucky trying to get my attention while I’m writing this blog and listening to Obama’s DNC acceptance speech.


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