Meeting New Buddies!

Today I had my biology of Marine Mammals class at 8:30. It was only the second time that we’ve met so far, and we got learned a ton about Pinnipeds besides the fact that saying Pinnipeds is pretty fun. 😛 We also got to watch youtube videos in class of seals and walruses. I think I’m going to like this class!

After class was done at 9:50, I had a bit of time before my next class began at 11:40. I definitely needed to figure our how to get my absentee ballot in time to vote for the upcoming presidential election because this is the first time I’ll be able to vote for the president! I left the place where I had my class (which had computers around) to go to the DIS library, because I knew that they had a copy machine there, and I needed to scan my signed form to email back home. Once I got there, there were three computers in a row that were not turning on. Just my luck I suppose. When I finally logged on to a computer that worked and got ready to print my form out to sign it, I realized that the printer in the library was broken! There was a sign on the printer to go upstairs and use that computer lab instead. So, I went upstairs to find a sign saying that there was a class in the computer lab, so I couldn’t go in. Then, I went to the main office which is on the same street, to print out my form, and that printer wasn’t working either! Then, I went back to the place where I had my class to print out the form. It finally worked! But then I had to go back to the library to scan my signed form and e-mail it. That’s how I spent most of my free time. Yay. :/ But now I can vote! I hope…

After all my classes were done, I met up with my buddy network for the first time! DIS has buddy networks which are basically a mixture of DIS students and Danish students of around the same age. It’s a good way to learn more about the culture, make new friends, and see what life is like for young Danes in Denmark. They met when my class at the hospital ended, so I was a little late, but I still had some time to meet new people. We were originally going to go to a park, but that didn’t happen because it was a rainy day today. Instead we met at The Australian Bar near a lot of the DIS buildings. It was really smokey and loud, so I felt like I was yelling at everybody I talked to while we were “speed dating.” I hope that they don’t think that I’m just some loud American. 😛 Other than that, it was really funny. Our buddy network coordinator said that this wasn’t when she walked in, a bunch of people were yelling at her and asking why they all had their backpacks at the bar and why there were students there. I’m lucky that I don’t understand when people are making fun of me! Or am I? 🙂 We’re meeting again on Wednesday, so hopefully I’ll be able to go and meet some more people!


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