Cat, Food with Friends, and Rock Climbing!

So, on Wednesday I was telling Jessica how much I missed cats.  If you didn’t already know this, I am a huge animal fan, and I LOVE cats!  I told her I was going through cat withdrawal because I hadn’t pet a cat for almost a month.  😛  And what do you know, the next day as I am walking home after a day of classes, I see a kitty!  Don’t worry though, it’s not like I went up and pet a stray cat or anything.  This cat had a tag in it’s ear, so it is definitely taken care of by somebody.  He followed me around for a bit and he was such a sweetie!  I love cats. 🙂

My new kitty friend!

That night Jessica and I went to visit our friend Chris at his Kollegium.  A Kollegium is one of the many hosing options DIS offers.  I think all of the Kollegiums are in a metropolitan area, and are pretty close to the city.  They are fully furnished dorms or apartments and you share them with other Danish or international students.  They’re pretty nice!  We just hung out and made fried rice, which was yummy.  Chris tried some canned kimchee, but after his reaction to it, I don’t recommend it.

After a long day of classes on Friday, a bunch of us Carleton students got together to make dinner at my friend Nikki’s Kollegium!   They were making lasagna, which I couldn’t eat because it had meat in it.  That was perfectly fine though because I had a ton of salad, cheesy bread, and noodles with cheese.  Everyone was SO FULL after dinner.  It was really fun to cook together and be silly.  An impromptu Disney songs sing-a-long ended the night. 🙂

Yesterday was one of the many great experiences I’ve had so far on this trip!  I went rock climbing in Sweden!  Jessica and I both woke up at 5:30 yesterday morning, because we had to meet in the city at 7:15.  That was rough, but definitely worth it!  To get to Sweden from Copenhagen, all we had to do was have a 45 minute bus ride, a half our ferry ride, and then another half hour on the bus again.  It didn’t take long at all!  And then we got to the nature reserve called Kullaberg.  We started off the day with general instructions of how to put our harnesses, and then we got to climb!  First of all, the view from our climbing site was absolutely gorgeous!  It was so serene.  Most people started off on the first climb, which was the easiest one.  It was definitely a new experience for me!  I went rock climbing at Carleton’s rec center with my friend Nikki (who was also in Sweden with us!) because we thought we could use some practice.  It was different, but I made it to the top without too much of a problem!  I touched the ceiling of the rec and was pretty excited!  But, that was my one instance of every climbing before.  It’s definitely different when you’re outdoors and on real rocks!  I made it to the top of my first climb.  I’m really glad I started off with the easiest climb.

At the top of the first climb!

The second climb was a bit harder.  Before I started climbing, I learned how to belay.  Belaying is when you secure the climber by taking slack off of their rope as they are climbing, and feeding it back through when they are on the way down.  It’s a good thing to know how to do!  The terms are kind of fun too.  When you are the belayer, you say “on belay” to let the climber know that you have them on belay and that they are safe.  When you get ride of all the slack from the rope, the climber says my personal favorite, “That’s me!” because then the belayer knows that the tension is from the climber and not from something else.  Once you reach the top, the climber says “take!” so that the belayer knows to let them down.

It didn’t take that long to wait for my turn to try the second climb.  When you’re actually climbing it is just hard to know where to put your feet and hands and to trust that yourself to let go when you get comfortable so that you can move higher up.  Our guides were amazing, and would direct us if we had any problems.  I definitely made use of them!  I made it to the top of the second climb too!

Making my way up to the top of the second climb.

I made it!

Then came the third climb which was the hardest one I did for the day.  There was another climb that was the most difficult which one of our guides called “The Black Wall of Death” but I didn’t do that one.  😛  I was already a little tired from the first two climbs, but I just wanted to try the third one just to say I could do the more difficult one, so I did!   IT WAS SO HARD.  I didn’t know where my hands and feet were, but again, the guide who was my belayer  was really good about telling me where to put my hands and feet when I couldn’t see the places myself.  It’s hard to do that when there is just rock in your face.  I was so so so close to the top, and I didn’t think I could make it to the absolute top of that climb and was ready to give up.  But, our guide Kaitlin, along with Jessica and Nikki, would not let me down when I asked them to!  They said I was too close to the top to come down.  So, I made one last push to the top and I made it!  It was the best feeling in the world.  And, the view from the top was amazing.

Trying oh so hard on the third and most difficult climb

How the top part of the third climb looked from a distance

And I finally made it to the top!

Rock climbing in Sweden was an amazing experience and I’m really glad that I did it.  Last night, I wasn’t feeling very well though.  I felt a little sick during the week and last night I was feeling worse.  I’m going to take it easy today, hang out in bed, and stretch out my very sore arms!  I’ll hopefully be back to normal soon!

Beautiful Kullaberg


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