Beautiful Bornholm

I finally have a bit of time to update you guys on my weekend trip to Bornholm!  On Friday night, the bus for the Bornholm bike trip left around 11.  We got to our overnight ferry at midnight and probably didn’t leave until about a half hour later.  DIS had saved a bunch of cabins for people to sleep in if they wanted to, but you had to pay extra.  So, I decided that I could just sleep in a chair and be fine.  I mean, I do that in the car and stuff, so it didn’t sound like it would be terrible.  It really wasn’t that bad, especially since the chairs leaned back.  I think my problem was that the light was on.  I tried covering my face with my jacket, but then I couldn’t breath all that well.  Then I tried sleeping on the floor, and that worked for a while!  You could feel the boat rocking back and forth, but luckily, that didn’t seem to bug me.  We apparently went through some stormy weather at one point, but you couldn’t really seen anything outside anyway and I didn’t notice.  The ferry finally arrived to the island of Bornholm around 6 in the morning.  Then all of us sleepy DIS students hopped on the bus again so that we could get to our hostel in Gudhjem.  Once we got to the hostel, my five roommates and I decided to make our beds and take a nap until breakfast, which wasn’t until 8.  Such a good decision!  We were all so tired, but that nap definitely helped.  The breakfast they served us is what we usually have here, yogurt, oats, cereal, bread, and cheese.  I could eat bread and cheese all day!  They also had these really thin chocolate wafers.  They are really deceiving because they are so thin, but you just can’t help yourself! 😛

After breakfast, we got straight to biking!  I headed out with my five lovely roommates (Jessica, Annie, Cailyn, Renee, and Marion) on the Wilderness Trail.  Bornholm is known as the Sunshine Island, but the day started out windy and drizzly.  It was still tons of fun though! Our first stop was a studio called Baltic Sea Glass.  The place is owned by a couple, and their glass work was just beautiful!  I wish we could have seen a glass blowing demonstration, but they don’t do them on Saturday.

Baltic Sea Glass. I would have bought something to bring back home, but I’m afraid of packing glass!

Pretty glass things!

Eventually, we made it to a town called Svaneke.  There was a smokehouse and three of the girls wanted to try the smoked herring, so we went.  My friend Annie and I are vegetarians, so we just watched them learn how to eat it the right way.  Annie and I ended up going to a grocery store and buying a small pack of rye bread because we didn’t care.  I can always eat some bread!  And then we both got a scoop of hazelnut ice cream.  So yummy!

A harbor at Svaneke.

After getting some food in our system, our plan was to go to Almindingen.  I think we got lost along the way, and my friends Annie and Cailyn were in much better shape than the rest of us, so we told them to go ahead without us so that they didn’t need to keep waiting for us!  They went on their merry way, and the rest of us were on our way back to the hostel.

On our way back, we stopped at a round church which was used to protect women and children.  All of the churches I have seen here are so pretty, and the round church was no exception.

The Round Church

After biking probably a good 20 miles, I was ready to shower and then take a cat nap in our hostel.  Then we had burritos for dinner!  I couldn’t remember the last time I had one.  But, there were peas and cucumbers, and I never put peas and cucumbers in burritos.  Oh well, it was still yummy.  After dinner, I went to explore a bit with Annie and Renee, but the only place open was an ice cream and candy store.  I was NOT hungry after that burrito, but we just wanted to look around.  I think all of us were in bed by 9.  We were party animals, I know.

On Sunday morning, Jessica, Renee, Marion, and I decided to take a bus to the capital, Rønne.  I felt like I could enjoy more of the scenery on the bus, and that gave my butt a break. 😛  Our bus driver even stopped at a place where he needs to make a turn to show us a painted flag of Denmark on a cliff.  It was painted during WWII as a sign of the resistance, which was pretty cool to see!  I definitely would not have noticed it by myself.  Once we got to Rønne, we realized that everything was closed because it was Sunday.  We ended up going to a a grocery store and getting knitting supplies!  I’ve never knit before, so I’m pretty excited about this scarf that I’m making. I screw up A LOT though, so we’ll see how it ends up.  Then, Jessica and I got hot chocolate at a bakery that was open.  I burnt my tongue. 😦  I guess I was to eager to have something warm!

We stopped at a bakery before heading out to Rønne!

Me and Jessica with our varm chokolade.

Then we headed back to Gudhjem and had the same bus driver!  Once we got back, we walked around the coast and did a bit of climbing.  Not like the climbing I did in Sweden though!

Don’t look down!

Beautiful Bornholm

There were a couple of more stores open in Gudhjem that we stopped by as well.  I got a really warm and fuzzy wool scarf!  After exploring a bit more, we headed back to the hostel and waited until it was time to load the bus again so that we would get to our ferry to Sweden on time.  After the ferry, it was back to Copenhagen again!  We were all so tired, but the trip was definitely worth it!  Bornholm is so beautiful and I hope to go back one day when it’s nice and sunny. 🙂

Kitty! I saw kitties!

View of Rønne from the ferry.


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