I could shop and eat (and watch cute animal videos…) all day!

Yesterday was Wednesday, and since Jessica and I did not have any field studies, we decided that yesterday would be our shopping day!  We went to the Lyngby shopping center, which is only two stops away from Virum.  The shopping center is so nice, we had to walk out of some stores right away after looking a the price tags. :/  I did end up getting two sweaters at H&M and a rain jacket!  I was in desperate need of one, and I really should have bought one before coming here, but the one I did end up getting was only about $60!  I’ve seen some in the U.S. for much more, so I was pretty happy with that.  Plus it’s purple!  I love purple. 🙂

Today I only had one class, and it got out early, so I went on a search for boots.  Annnnnnnnnd, I found some!  They were priced like I see them in the U.S., but now I think I’ll stop shopping and start looking for gifts to bring back for my family and friends.  Then I met up with Jessica, as well as two of my other friends Nicole and Sarahi and we got sushi!  I’ve never had sushi before and I’m not very good at using choppsticks, but it was so good!  I got avocado sushi being a vegetarian and all, and I also got some miso soup.  After that, we went to get cupcakes at a place called Agnes cupcakes.  Delicious!  I ended up getting a caramel coconut cupcake, but I’m definitely going to go back there sometime to try all of the other ones!  We also got to pet a woman’s Icelandic sheep dog on our way back and now I want one.

My lovely cupcake

Now it is time to study for my Biology of Marine Mammals exam that I have tomorrow morning.  Does this count as studying?


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