The Calm After the Storm

On Friday morning I had my marine biology exam, so I now know so many random facts about seals, whales, dolphins, porpoises, dugongs, manatees, polar bears, and otters.  I don’t know when I will EVER use this information again, but I love learning about animals, so it’s not like it will be going to waste.  While I was looking at one of my professors practices tests, I saw a question that asked about the differences between the Fissipeds (polar bear and otters) that we were studying.  Part of the answer was this:  “Polar bears are much bigger than otters, otters are brown and polar bears are white.”  After I read that, I was wondering why I was studying for this exam, but of course I kept studying. 🙂  You’ll be happy to know that I think the exam went pretty well!

Later that evening, a bunch of us Carls got together for dinner at my friend Loren’s place.  She lives in DIS housing in a place called Culinary House.  They have a lot of space for people to hang out in, and a huge kitchen!  It was such a good idea and so much fun to be around a bunch of Carleton people.  Jessica and I brought Digestive biscuits,which are kind of like tea cookies, (they are so good and cheap!) and brie cheese. Everyone loved it.  We are all pretty obsessed with Digestives.  For dinner we had salad, bread, chicken (which of course I didn’t eat), and mashed potatoes.  Good food and good friends is always a good combination.  And then for dessert we had apple crisp and cookies!  Apple desserts are probably my favorite, which is great because Karin and her dad make apple cake quite often!

Peeling and chopping up some potatoes!

It was so nice to relax this weekend and just stay at home.  On Saturday morning I went to the Fitness DK in Lyngby and then played tennis at an indoor court with Karin, Steen, Andreas, and Jessica.  We kept rotating every so often so that everybody got a chance to play.  After that, I skyped with my parents because it was my dad’s birthday!  Happy birthday dad!

Happy birthday dad!

Today was pretty calm too.  We had a big brunch with EVERYBODY!  Kristen came home for the weekend from her folk school, so we had brunch with her, her boyfriend Frederik, Karin, Steen, Andreas, Sørren, and his girlfriend Oda.  Sørren and Oda brought two huge loafs of bread and some pastries, so we were definitely all full after that.  Then I spent most of the afternoon knitting and watching some Daily Show and Colbert Report episodes and listening to Disney music.  I’m really getting into knitting, but I’m not sure how this scarf is going to turn out…. 😛  Jessica and I also picked apples from the tree in the front yard today with Karin!  They have one apple tree in the front, but this tree has eight different kinds of apples.  We had to use the ladder to get on top of the roof of the garage, but that was no problem.  Karin seemed a little worried though.  After we had picked all of the good apples, we came back down to weigh all of them.  We picked about 9.5 kg of apples.  Maybe we’ll get to have some more apple cake soon!

Picking apples from the roof of the garage. Check out my new raincoat!

All of the apples!

Tonight I have just been packing because tomorrow Jessica and I are leaving for Dublin and then London!  Our flight is at 8:25 tomorrow, but we have to leave time for getting to the airport and then you need to be at the airport early too, so we are leaving the house at five in the morning.  That means that I will have to be awake before five to finish up packing.  Ahhh, that won’t be so fun.  But the trip should be fun!  We are staying in Dublin until Wednesday, and then we will be in London until Saturday.  It’s really nice that DIS gives us breaks just for traveling.  I really hope that I have packed enough since I am only packing my backpack.  I didn’t want to pay any extra money for luggage.  I’ll let you know how good my packing instincts were once I get back.  Happy last day of September everybody!  Time is going by so quickly!


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