Happy Halloween!

Now that I’ve come back from Berlin and Poznan, these next two weeks of school before our third and final travel break are crazy busy!  I had an exam yesterday, I have another one tomorrow, and then one next Friday along with a  group paper for next Friday too.  But, I don’t think my exam tomorrow will be so bad, especially since I don’t have any field studies today, so I can just study study study.  Yesterday, Karin had a potluck dinner with all of her co-workers, and they shared all of the food with us!  There were so many delicious dishes, and both Karin and I agreed that we were stuffed.

I also was fortunate enough to wake up at 2:13 (that’s what I set my alarm for) this morning to register for classes.  My registration time was at 8:20 on the 30th, but of course, I am not at Carleton to register!   Luckily we already changed the clocks for daylight savings time, so I registered at 2:20 instead of 3:20 in the morning  Here are my classes for winter term!

Chemistry 233- Organic Chemistry I Waaaaah 😦

Chemistry 233L- Organic Chemistry I Lab

History 298- Junior Colloquium (methodology)

History 278- The Spanish Inquisition

PE 171- Step Aerobics with RUSS!

And today is Halloween!  Happy Halloween everybody!  I’m going to have lunch with some friends today, but that is all the excitement that will happen since I have that midterm tomorrow.  You can look forward to hearing all about Poznan on Thursday once my exam is over.  Eat lots of candy for me! 🙂

Booker is not amused and is therefore running away as fast as he can.

What a handsome fellow!

Booker was having a very happy Halloween last year, and wishes you all the same!


Party Like It’s 1945

Well everybody, now I’m in Berlin!  You know, just super casual. 😛

After breakfast with my host parents, I rushed out of the house and barely made my train.  I’m always so proud of myself when I make the train like that.  I got to the airport around 11:20, and there were DIS students all over the place!  We had a while before our flight, so I went into the H&M in the airport with a few people and of course found something that I wanted to buy, but didn’t.  Be proud of me mom and dad!  Our flight was at 1:15, and an hour later, we were in Berlin!  I am definitely not used to these short flights because usually only fly to India, and that includes two 8 to 9 hour flights.  I still slept pretty well on the plane though!

It didn’t take too long to get to your hotel, so after a bit we took an alternative street art walking tour.  It was one of my favorite tours that I’ve ever taken  I didn’t realize the street signs were different between East and West Berlin, that graffiti was illegal in Berlin even though it is everywhere (and super cooll!), and that Berliners don’t like being associated with Germany.  You don’t really see the German flag anywhere.  But the main part of the tour was all of the graffiti and street art in the area.  I cannot remember all of the names of the artists out tour guide mentioned, but I do remember the group 1up.  Apparently, there are so many people in that graffiti group that on mother’s day, they ended up doing a graffiti job on a whole train in 3 minutes flat.  There were so many people workings on it and looking out for cops, that nobody got caught.  In fact, nobody in the group has ever gotten got!  We also learned about this guy called “6” and he just puts 6’s everywhere in the city.  He only does it on ripped up posters though, because then he is not technically defacing anything and cannot get charged for anything if he gets caught.  Our guide told us that “6” tells people that if they put some really obscure phrase that I don’t remember into their search browser, their internet will be ten times faster.  Out guide also told us that “6” is a little crazy. 😛

Victor Ash was actually commissioned to create this graffiti. There are faint grid lines you can see that he used to make it. Also, at a certain point in the day, there was a flag in Berlin and its shadow was put in the astronaut’s hand!

1UP graffiti art

We also went to a place called Yaam (Young African Art Market).  It is African-themed and on the Spree in Friedrichshain just behind the East Side Gallery.  There is a bunch of really cool graffiti there a beach with sand volleyball, they play something called speedminton which is a mix of tennis and badminton, and basketball, plus the amazing smell of food!  The government may be shutting it down in two months.  I think our whole class signed the petition to keep it running though.  It was a pretty cool place to be!

After our tour, we left for dinner at Dressler Restaurant.  The only problem was that we couldn’t find our restaurant!  Our study tour leaders kept taking us back and forth on the same street for at least an hour.  Our reservation was for 7, but we literally did not get there until 8, if not later.  Somebody finally found the restaurant.  The sign for it was really small and obscure, so it was understandable that our study tour leaders couldn’t find it.  Waiting that long made the food that much better too.  I had the best tomato soup I’ve ever had there, and a delicious mushroom risotto!

Monday was our first day of academic visits.  After eating breakfast, we left for the Center of Anatomy.  The doctor told us a lot about medical school in Berlin, but the bulk of our visit was in the cadaver lab.  I TOUCHED EVERYTHING!  It might be weird to be this excited about looking at the human brain, liver, lungs, stomach, heart, and every muscle in the human body, but it was really cool!  There was one whole body in the lab, and it was a little disturbing when the doctor uncovered the face, but I was quick to get over that fact

After that we went to the German Heart Institute in Berlin.  It is a specialist center for heart treatment and is renowned worldwide.  They did 1,765 heart transplants in the last year and they have the biggest program in the world for pediatric heart surgery.  Every person in Germany has obligatory health insurance.  If you don’t for some reason, the government will take care of it.  Because the heart institute is so well known though for their amazing work, many international patients come here.  Unfortunately, they need to pay in full.  Also, it is a public hospital but I private institution, so they receive no funding from the government.

Our next stop was at the Checkpoint Charlie Museum.  For those of you who don’t know, Checkpoint Charlie got its name from the Western Allies during the Cold war, and it was the most frequented crossing point between East and West Berlin during the war.  There were two other checkpoints, Autobahn and Bravo.  If you haven’t noticed, the names start with the first three letters in the alphabet, so there was Checkpoint A, B, and C.  The museum was very interesting.  There were basically stories written around everywhere, and it took a while to find the English.  Some of the stories were really interesting though.  For example, there were stories of people putting loved ones in suitcases while trying to cross the border, or a man stealing the passport of a woman who looked like his fiance so he could be with her on the same side of the wall.  My favorite story was about Raoul Wallenberg, and amazing Swedish architect, diplomat, and humanitarian.  He was known Ifor successfully rescuing tens of thousands of Jews from Hazi-occupied Hungary during the Holocaust.  On January 17, 1945 he was caught by the Red Army and was held on suspicions of espionage activity.  It was said that he died in 1947 while still detained in Russia, but in actuality, nobody knows what has happened to him.  He may still be alive for all we know.  I can’t believe that one man did so much and saved so many lives.  You should look more up about him if you get the chance!

We ended Monday at Fassbender & Rausch……the BEST CHOCOLATE STORE EVER!  The store was amazing!  There was chocolate from wall to wall and amazingly detailed chocolate sculptures of the major sites in Berlin.  We went upstairs and all got to order some hot chocolate.  Mine was 70% dark chocolate with orange.  It was the best hot chocolate I’ve ever had.  If you’re ever in Berlin and are of fan of chocolate, go there!  I showed my itinerary for this trip to my host parents, and Steen got really excited when be saw that I was going to Fassbender & Rausch.  Now I understand why.


On to Tuesday!  We only had one academic visit and that was to the DRK Kliniken Berlin Köpenick.  It took a lot of public transportation to get there.  I forgot to mention that we took public transportation while in both Berlin and Poznan.  I was always afraid that I would be that one person that the door closed on before I hopped on the train.  Luckily that never happened to anybody!  Anyway, back to the DRK.  It was probably my least favorite visit on the whole trip because we sat in a lecture for the entirety of our visit.  Some intersting points though is that it is a non-profit association and it follows the principles of the German Red Cross.  First we watched a short clip about the hospital, and then we just had a Q & A session.  The good thing that the doctor was very honest about the clinic and the health care system.  After that we had lunch at a place called Brauhaus Mitte.  Everybody was given a leg of pork except for me of course!  I was not impressed with my lunch, so I’ll just leave it at that.

Then we went on the best tour I’ve ever head, the Berlin Fat Tire bike tour!  Our tour guide was a hilarious Irish man who used to be an architecture student.  He gave us so much information and made it fun and really interesting.  We stopped at Checkpoint Charlie and the remaining part of the Berlin Wall.  Whenever you see two rows of bricks on the streets in Berlin, that is where the Berlin Wall once stood.  It’s hard for me to imagine how it was because the two rows of bricks are everywhere and don’t really follow a pattern.  We also went to where Hitler’s bunker once was, which was where he spent the remainder of his life.  The tour also took us to Luftwaffe Ministry.  This was the HUGE headquarter building of the Nazi Luftwaffe Ministry and is now the main building of Germany’s Finance Ministry.  Our tour guide was joking about how there are never good feelings about the building.  First the Nazi’s, and now where you have to pay your taxes.  We also saw the famous Brandenburg Gate, which was beautiful!  While we were there, they switched on the lights because it was getting dark.  The Victory Column was on our tour as well.  It is a symbol for the victory for the Prussian army for their victory over the Danes, Austrians, and the French.  The tower is topped by the goddess of victory, Victoria, and she is looking towards the direction of Paris.  Out tour guide said that this was a kind of in your face thing for the French.  😛  Hitler actually relocated the tower for his plans to redesign Berlin.  This probably saved the tower from being destroyed.

Me with my beautiful bike Versailles.

I’m sorry I keep going on and on about this tour, but it was awesome!  We walked through the 2,711 block Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe designed by Peter Eisenman.  I’m in a class called Holocaust and Genocide right now, so I had already learned a bit about it.  For example, my professor told me the reason the memorial is on an undulating ground is because when the Jews were transported to concentration camps, they were alwasy taken at night so they had no sense of where they were heading.  When they were walking around then, they could not see, so the memorial is supposed to make you feel like they did while walking on unknown ground to the camps.  However, everything about the memorial is open for interpretation, which I think is the beauty of it.  There was some controversy over the name because it was not only Jews who were victims of the Holocaust.  Now there is a monument for the people who were persecuted for their sexual orientation across the street.  The location of the memorial is in a great commercial location too, so some wanted it to be closer to where some concentration camps were because they thought it was more fitting.  As I’ve said, Berlin has graffiti everywhere.  You may ask why the memorial never has graffiti then?  Well, a company said that they would provide a chemical agent for free and forever which would be put on the blocks so it would be impossible to vandalize the memorial.  This company is also the company that provided the Nazi’s with the gas they used in gas chambers.  As you can imagine, another source of controversy.  We also saw the Soviet War Memorial, Bebelplatz, which is home of the Nazi book-burning on May 10, 1933, and of course, the Reichstag, Germany’s parliament building.  The book-burning Memorial was made by Micha Ullman.  There is a glass plate in the cobblestone on the street, and when you look inside, there are just white, empty bookshelves to commemorate the book burning.  There is also a quote by Heinrich Heine.  The English translation is, “where they burn books, they ultimately burn people.”  It was quite beautiful.

Memorial for the Murdered Jews

At the Reichstag.

Wednesday was our last day in Berlin.  We had some time on our own, but it really wasn’t enough time to see everything.  I went with some friends to the Topography of Terror Museum right next to the Berlin Wall.  There was so much information on the Nazi regime and of WWII as a whole.  Then we went souvenir shopping.  We were going to go to the information center right under the Memorial for the Murdered Jews.  But, the wait was an hour and we just didn’t have time.  I’ll just have to come back to Berlin sometime!  Who wants to join me? 🙂

Group picture at the Berlin Wall

Fulfilling my civic duty and not studying

Here is my update and this last week in Copenhagen!

On Tuesday I went to the U.S. Embassy with my friend Kaitlin and we both voted!  We were so proud of our absentee ballots even though people were telling us that they don’t really count.  We just wanted to fulfill our civic duties.  It was not all that warm and fuzzy at the embassy, and they took our envelopes away to scan them when we just got in the door, and I was worried about what they were doing to my ballot.  But then the gave them back and we just dropped them in the bin that was 2 feet away from us.  We did not go very far into the embassy.  It was all very anti-climactic.  But then we celebrated voting by getting pastries at St. Peter’s bakery.  Even better that they give student discounts!  All in all, a successful morning.

On Wednesday, Jessica and I went to visit our friend Annie in Allerød.  It was a gorgeous afternoon!  The sun was actually out!  It was a bit of a walk, but it was totally worth it since it was so beautiful out with all of the autumn colors and because we got to see Annie!  Annie’s host family recently adopted two kittens.  We played with them for a while (except for Jessica since she is allergic) and they were just purring machines!  Of course it pretty much made my day.  Then we jumped on the trampoline.  I couldn’t stop laughing while we were on it. It’s been a while since I’ve jumped on one!

How can you resist this face!

After a bit at Annie’s, we headed back into the city to go to Tivoli!  We met my eldest host brother’s girlfriend, Oda, at central station, and went to Tivoli together.  They put a bunch of Halloween decorations and lights up this time of year, and it was great to see!  It was also very crowded though since it was the autumn holiday (I still call it the potato holiday but nobody else here does).  At some places it was almost impossible to just move to the other side!

Tivoli at Halloween

Me with Jessica and Annie at Tivoli!

On Thursday I was a little worried because I had an outline for a paper, a patient case, and an exam in my Cold War class, The Enemy WIthin, to study for on Friday.  But, I finished the outline pretty quickly once I found my sources, and my patient case deadline was moved to Sunday at midnight (in fact, I turned it in just before writing this post!).  And let me tell you about the exam I had.  There were three essay questions that the professor gave us in advance on Wednesday night.  We only had to answer one of the questions.  One of the options was to write about ANYTHING relating to the Cold War and espionage.  Also, we got to use our notes.  To say the least, I was not worried.

And do you remember me telling you about my Social Brain class where we took pictures of social interactions in Denmark one morning?  Well, we had our presentations of our picture collages on Thursday evening.  It still seemed like a joke to me.  Towards the end of our presentation, Jessica was trying to tell me something, but I am terrible at reading lips.  She said it a little louder, and we found out that we were going to be rooming in Cassat Hall once we return to Carleton.  It’s one of the newer dorms on campus, and I really like it, so we were both really really happy!

On Friday I learned how to do sutures and insert a catheter in my medical class!  We were all being nerdy and really excited about it.  I job shadowed a veterinarian for a lot of this last summer, and I saw him do sutures all the time.  He did them so fast!  I think he would close faster than I did my one suture, but I’m learning. 🙂

Look dad, my first suture!

When we got home, we made sushi with Karin, Steen, Andreas, Kristine (she came home for the weekend!), and Oda.  Karin counted, and together we made 78 pieces!  It was quite delicious.

So much sushi!

Now I’m just about on my way out for my long study tour in Berlin and Poznan!  I’m bringing my computer, so I will hopefully have time to update you on all of my adventures there!

One Short Day in the Magical Forest

Things keep getting busier and busier here in Denmark, but I’ll do my best to update you on my last few days here.  After class on Thursday, I went over to an old firestation near all of the DIS buildings to help set up the haunted house for Kulturenatten, or Culture Night which happens every Friday right before the autumn holiday for Danish students.  A bunch of things like museums, the botanical gardens, parliament, the Round Tower, the Copenhagen Zoo, and the Church of our Saviour, stay open late that night and you can go into everything with your Kulturenatten pass which costs 90 DKK.  It’s a pretty good deal, but since I was volunteering through DIS, I got my pass for free!  Jessica and I helped set up the morgue in the haunted house, which involved a lot of tearing up garbage bags and duck tape.  It was a good time. 😛  Then in the evening, our host brother Andreas invited the family over to his new apartment for dinner!  He is famous for making pizzas, so Jessica and I were lucky that we got to try it!

Andreas’s famous pizza!

Then Friday was Kulturenatten!  Jessica and I met up with some friends and walked around to the Glass Market, which was near the metro station at Nørreport.  They had a ton of food stands there, so we ended up getting our dinner there.  Then we took the metro to Christianshavn because our friends were telling us about a pirate fight that they wanted to see.  However, the shows only happened every hour, so Jessica and I didn’t get to see it because we had to go to our volunteer shifts from 9-midnight!  I signed up to volunteer at the pumpkin carving station.  Most people seemed to know what they were doing, but there were some who asked me questions about pumpkin carving or needed some help.  Halloween was brought over from the U.S. to Denmark, so they don’t really do everything quite like we do.  I talked to some of the Danes, and then were all pretty excited to hear about Halloween in the U.S. or just to talk about culture night with me, since I didn’t get to see very much.  Some of my Carleton pals stopped by to carve a pumpkin too!  My friend Morgan carved a cat jack-o-lantern for me to bring home. 🙂  At the end of the night, these two Danes came and wanted to carve a pumpkin, but they only had 6 minutes until we closed.  They just grabbed a pumpkin and went crazy because they were trying to finish it before we closed!  They carved it out and emptied all the guts out just in time!  I was really impressed because they had never done it before.  It was pretty entertaining to watch.

Just a couple of cool cats.

Morgan and I with our finished project. She did most of the work.  I just got rid of some gunk and provided some moral support. 😛

The only bad part was that I WAS SO TIRED!  I was even tired when we left to go to culture night, so going to bed at 1:30 wasn’t too fun.  Especially since I had to wake up at 6 in the morning for a field study the next day!  My marine biology class went to the Odense Zoo and the Fjord and Baelt center all day on Saturday, and it takes about 2 hours to get there.  I was ready to go to bed on the bus, but then when our professor asked us if we wanted to watch a movie, only ONE PERSON had said that he wanted to watch it.  I didn’t really care, because I was just going to turn my iPod on and hit the hay.  But then when our professor asked if we wanted the volume up, THE SAME PERSON was the only person to say yes.  It was so loud and sleep did not come easily!  What made it even worse was that I saw the guy who wanted to watch the movie sleeping.  Some people, I tell you!  After those two frustrating hours of not getting to sleep, we made it to the zoo!  We had some time to walk aaround the zoo on our own, see the sea lion show, watch some seals during their feeding times, see the manatees(they have 7!) and then we had a little tour of the African Safari part of the zoo at the end.  It was pretty cool to see the training, and I learned that it is just as important to reward the seals when they are not being asked to do certain behaviors too because it’s harder for them to sit and wait then to actually do something.  The seals were adorable!  As were many of the other animals there.

Tapier momma with baby.

Getting ready for the show!

So cute. 🙂

Meet Lulu.

After the zoo, we drove another half our to the  Fjord and Baelt research center.  There we also watched the seals and porpoises being trained.  The center is located right next to a harbor and they use a special netting to keep the animals in their enclosures.  That way, the animals are in a totally natural environment as opposed to an aquarium for example.  Each animal has a colored shape that represents them, so when they see them, they know it’s their turn to show off their skills.  They are all so smart!  At the center, we learned that this is helpful not only for research, but also to do ultrasounds, blood tests, and general check up on the animals because then they don’t have to sedate them to check them.  It’s so much easier for the people and less stress for the animals.  Win win. 🙂  Another interesting thing about the center is that the first baby porpoise born in captivity was born there!  She isn’t a baby anymore, but we still got to see her!  I was still tired though, so I was glad when it was time to head back home.  I definitely slept on the way back!  Coming home was wonderful because the lovely miss Wu was making dinner when I got home!  That way, I didn’t really have to do anything which was great because I was so exhausted!  Then we watched the newest episode of Modern Family (you need to watch Phil’s Osophies because they are great), The Big Bang Theory, and then a bunch of videos of baby animals. 🙂

Today is Sunday, and this morning we had our host brother Søren and his girlfriend Oda over for breakfast.  I made pumpkin pancakes and everybody loved them!  I cannot stress enough how much I love all things pumpkin.  Jessica made the scrambled eggs and toasted some buns, and we were all really full when we finished eating!  We had such a good time talking with them!

Anyone want some of my pumpkin pancakes?

After that, I went to Klampenborg to meet my buddy network!  This was only the second time I met with them, and I’m glad this was one of the activities I could go to!  We went on a walk through what Charlotte, the network coordinator called the oldest Tivoli as well as the “magical” forest.  It was raining the whole entire time, but it was still beautiful.  There are a ton of deer as soon as you get out of the train station and turn into the forest.  It was ridiculous!  We also saw some albino deer which was pretty cool!  We got lost on our walk so we walked for about two hours. 😛  Eventually, we made our way back to the train station and headed towards Hellerup, where our buddy network coordinator’s parents live.  There we had a bunch of pastries and hot chocolate with homemade whipped cream on top.  That was my lunch I guess, hehe.

The oldest roller coaster in the world!


What a handsome fella.

One of them is the odd snail, as they say in Denmark.


Jessica and I invited our friend Annie over for dinner, so when I got back, they were both there!  We ended up listening to music in the kitchen while making pasta with basil and tomatoes.  It’s one of my favorite recipes to make when I’m lazy because it’s pretty easily and doesn’t take long to make.  We just chatted it up for a while, but then Annie had to go home since she has an 8:30 class tomorrow morning.

Every day is so so busy!  I’m looking forward to one day where I just sit at home and do nothing.  Who knows when that will be!?

America for the win!

Today was a busy day as usual!  At 8:30 I had a field study for my Social Brain class. Our assignment was to take pictures of social interactions that we observe in Denmark in the name of science.  After a brief meeting with our professor, we were sent out in the city as groups to take pictures!  I was the only one in my group with a real camera, so I ended up taking most of the pictures.  It was really rainy this morning, so we decided to go to the Copenhagen Central Station so that we could stay dry. I was such a snipe with my camera!  I ended up taking about 80 pictures of couples holding hands, families, and small children.  One little girl with her school group totally biffed it on the escalator.  It was pretty sad and kind of funny…..Then we walked back to the Student House and just hung out for a while before meeting back in our classroom to make the collage.  It was there I learned that we could only print out 6 pictures.  I felt like I was in elementary school again doing arts and crafts!  I still don’t understand why we needed to get up so early to do this though.

We passed by Tivoli on our way to Central Station. I am so excited to go for Halloween!

This is how much of a snipe I was being.

This picture makes me look less creepy, and it made it on our collage!

An hour later I had another field study for The Enemy Within, my class on the Cold War.  We went to the Worker’s Museum and our professor showed us around the Cold War room.  He was talking about how the Cold War was a battle of ideologies, and the U.S. was able to sway Denmark to their side with their products and movies, so we won. 😛  There was an example of a store too which had nylons, and my professor just said. “Nylons, America.”  It made me laugh.  That floor also had an American style diner as an example of American influences on Denmark, and so my professor bought coffee and Yankee bars for everybody.  I didn’t drink the coffee because I don’t like the smell of coffee, but I did have this almost solid chocolate thing he called a biscuit and a Yankee bar.  He told us that when the American GI’s came, they wanted something like a Hershey’s bar, and a company started making the Yankee bars for the American GI’s.

Statue of Lenin that nobody knew what to do with. There was a big controversy behind it, so now it’s just outside in the back.

Soviet propaganda.

Speaking of the Cold War and intelligence and what not, my professor was really excited about this in class on Tuesday.  Check it out if you have the time!

This evening I had my orientation for my long study tour in Berlin and Poznan!  From what I know so far besides our hospital visits, we are taking a biking tour in Berlin, and doing a scavenger hunt like thing in Poznan.  I’m getting really excited for it.  Then I came back home and had a quiet dinner with Karin and Steen.  Karin made my first bowl of porridge!  Steen told me that next week, week 42, is Potato Week in Denmark.  Long ago, children in Denmark would be helping their families harvest potatoes during this week, and therefore they didn’t go to school.  Week 42 was eventually made into a vacation because nobody would go to school.  I still have school next week, but I can’t complain because the week after I will be traveling once again!

Now it’s time to work on my second patient case. I’m a little confused because my TA gave me an A on my last one, but said that for the next one I should be more detailed but just as brief.  CONFLICTED!  Maybe my dad or Santhi can help me out.

Blimey, I’m in London! Please mind the gap (in my blog posts, haha see what I did there?)!

Last week on Wednesday night, I was in London!  Jessica and I, along with Nikki and Kaitlin, got to the airport late at night.  We ended up taking a taxi to Egham because Jessica and I were going to be staying and Jessica’s friends dorm at Royal Holloway, University of London.  Her friend’s name is Ashleigh, and she was so nice and great at taking care of us while we were with her.  We were pretty tired though, so once we got there all we basically did was sleep. 😛

The courtyard at Royal Holloway. It’s such a beautiful school!

Thursday was another busy day!  First we had breakfast at Ashleigh’s dining hall, and then we were off to my new favorite city, London!  Our first stop was the National Gallery.  I wish I knew more about the art there, but it was still wonderful to look at everything.  I kept reading almost every description as we were walking through the gallery, so I kept losing Jessica, Ashleigh, and Nikki.  At a certain point I just stopped worrying and just enjoyed my time at the gallery.  My favorite pieces were the ones of Greek gods and goddesses because I just love mythology!

The National Gallery

Trafalgar Square

Taking a phone booth picture is a must while in London!

I climbed up to one of the lions in the square! Not so graceful on the way down though…good thing there is not a picture of that!

Hungerford Bridge!

We maybe spent 2 hours or more at the National Gallery, and then had lunch at a Pizza Express, because it was already around 3 and we hadn’t had lunch yet.  The pizza was pretty great though!  After lunch, we walked to another art museum called Tate Modern.  However, we didn’t get there until 5, so we only managed to look through one floor until the museum closed.  It was all pretty modern art, so it was a nice change after seeing the National Gallery.  I really enjoyed it!

The English dessert banoffee pie! I bet you can’t guess what’s in it.

Tate Modern. I think it used to be an old factory.

They cal it, “Grey.” But actually.

Our next stop was at a place called the Wellcome Collection.  Ashleigh had to see an exhibit called Superhuman for one of her classes.  She didn’t enjoy it all that much, but Jessica and I sure did!  The theme of the exhibit according to the website was to take “a broad and playful look at our obsession with being the best we can be.”


Chromosome sock pairs! Nerd alert.

I was pretty tired by the end of the day and had a slight headache, so I was really happy when it was time to go back to Royal Holloway!

I was feeling better on Friday, and was raring to go!  Jessica and I had a really touristy day.  First we hit up the London Eye.  We were lucky because it was partly cloudy and no rain!  The view was spectacular!  I really love Big Ben, so I took a bunch of pictures of it every time I could see it.  Then we walked across Westminster Bridge, got some crepes right across from Big Ben, and walked our way to Buckingham Palace!  The queen was home while we were there, because the flag on the palace was up!  Unfortunately though, we could not go inside because they were booked until next year!  I better plan my next trip to London better.  When we were at Buckingham Palace, Jessica asked me to take a picture of her with the palace in the background.  I tried to lean back to get a better shot, but there wasn’t really any railing there when I thought there would be!  I almost fell into the garden!  I was laughing at myself, and so were some other tourists. Oops!

Riding on the London Eye!


Have I told you how much I love Big Ben?

The Palace of Buckingham 🙂

Why won’t they let me in?

After that we took the Underground to a shopping area called the Covent Gardens.  I bought a couple of gifts and we ended our time there at a little coffee shop where I got a treacle tart- Harry Potter’s favorite dessert!

My delicious Treacle Tart

Then we were on our way back to Egham again.  We were having trouble finding wifi for Jessica’s iPhone so she could tell Ashleigh to meet us at the train station in Egham, so we just tried finding our own way back to Royal Holloway.  We were on the right path, but later Ashleigh called Jessica asking her where we were.  She was waiting for us at the train station!  I felt so bad because we must have just missed each other.  Fortunately we were able to meet up and then went to a pub called the Beehive for dinner.  I had some lovely fried mushrooms there.  I was seeing a lot of mushrooms served in London, so I thought I had better try some.  Then it was time for bed!  We had to wake up at 4 to get to the airport for our 7:15 flight back to Copenhagen.  I slept pretty well on the plane.

Like I said before, London is my new favorite city.  I can’t wait to go back again sometime!