America for the win!

Today was a busy day as usual!  At 8:30 I had a field study for my Social Brain class. Our assignment was to take pictures of social interactions that we observe in Denmark in the name of science.  After a brief meeting with our professor, we were sent out in the city as groups to take pictures!  I was the only one in my group with a real camera, so I ended up taking most of the pictures.  It was really rainy this morning, so we decided to go to the Copenhagen Central Station so that we could stay dry. I was such a snipe with my camera!  I ended up taking about 80 pictures of couples holding hands, families, and small children.  One little girl with her school group totally biffed it on the escalator.  It was pretty sad and kind of funny…..Then we walked back to the Student House and just hung out for a while before meeting back in our classroom to make the collage.  It was there I learned that we could only print out 6 pictures.  I felt like I was in elementary school again doing arts and crafts!  I still don’t understand why we needed to get up so early to do this though.

We passed by Tivoli on our way to Central Station. I am so excited to go for Halloween!

This is how much of a snipe I was being.

This picture makes me look less creepy, and it made it on our collage!

An hour later I had another field study for The Enemy Within, my class on the Cold War.  We went to the Worker’s Museum and our professor showed us around the Cold War room.  He was talking about how the Cold War was a battle of ideologies, and the U.S. was able to sway Denmark to their side with their products and movies, so we won. 😛  There was an example of a store too which had nylons, and my professor just said. “Nylons, America.”  It made me laugh.  That floor also had an American style diner as an example of American influences on Denmark, and so my professor bought coffee and Yankee bars for everybody.  I didn’t drink the coffee because I don’t like the smell of coffee, but I did have this almost solid chocolate thing he called a biscuit and a Yankee bar.  He told us that when the American GI’s came, they wanted something like a Hershey’s bar, and a company started making the Yankee bars for the American GI’s.

Statue of Lenin that nobody knew what to do with. There was a big controversy behind it, so now it’s just outside in the back.

Soviet propaganda.

Speaking of the Cold War and intelligence and what not, my professor was really excited about this in class on Tuesday.  Check it out if you have the time!

This evening I had my orientation for my long study tour in Berlin and Poznan!  From what I know so far besides our hospital visits, we are taking a biking tour in Berlin, and doing a scavenger hunt like thing in Poznan.  I’m getting really excited for it.  Then I came back home and had a quiet dinner with Karin and Steen.  Karin made my first bowl of porridge!  Steen told me that next week, week 42, is Potato Week in Denmark.  Long ago, children in Denmark would be helping their families harvest potatoes during this week, and therefore they didn’t go to school.  Week 42 was eventually made into a vacation because nobody would go to school.  I still have school next week, but I can’t complain because the week after I will be traveling once again!

Now it’s time to work on my second patient case. I’m a little confused because my TA gave me an A on my last one, but said that for the next one I should be more detailed but just as brief.  CONFLICTED!  Maybe my dad or Santhi can help me out.


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