Blimey, I’m in London! Please mind the gap (in my blog posts, haha see what I did there?)!

Last week on Wednesday night, I was in London!  Jessica and I, along with Nikki and Kaitlin, got to the airport late at night.  We ended up taking a taxi to Egham because Jessica and I were going to be staying and Jessica’s friends dorm at Royal Holloway, University of London.  Her friend’s name is Ashleigh, and she was so nice and great at taking care of us while we were with her.  We were pretty tired though, so once we got there all we basically did was sleep. 😛

The courtyard at Royal Holloway. It’s such a beautiful school!

Thursday was another busy day!  First we had breakfast at Ashleigh’s dining hall, and then we were off to my new favorite city, London!  Our first stop was the National Gallery.  I wish I knew more about the art there, but it was still wonderful to look at everything.  I kept reading almost every description as we were walking through the gallery, so I kept losing Jessica, Ashleigh, and Nikki.  At a certain point I just stopped worrying and just enjoyed my time at the gallery.  My favorite pieces were the ones of Greek gods and goddesses because I just love mythology!

The National Gallery

Trafalgar Square

Taking a phone booth picture is a must while in London!

I climbed up to one of the lions in the square! Not so graceful on the way down though…good thing there is not a picture of that!

Hungerford Bridge!

We maybe spent 2 hours or more at the National Gallery, and then had lunch at a Pizza Express, because it was already around 3 and we hadn’t had lunch yet.  The pizza was pretty great though!  After lunch, we walked to another art museum called Tate Modern.  However, we didn’t get there until 5, so we only managed to look through one floor until the museum closed.  It was all pretty modern art, so it was a nice change after seeing the National Gallery.  I really enjoyed it!

The English dessert banoffee pie! I bet you can’t guess what’s in it.

Tate Modern. I think it used to be an old factory.

They cal it, “Grey.” But actually.

Our next stop was at a place called the Wellcome Collection.  Ashleigh had to see an exhibit called Superhuman for one of her classes.  She didn’t enjoy it all that much, but Jessica and I sure did!  The theme of the exhibit according to the website was to take “a broad and playful look at our obsession with being the best we can be.”


Chromosome sock pairs! Nerd alert.

I was pretty tired by the end of the day and had a slight headache, so I was really happy when it was time to go back to Royal Holloway!

I was feeling better on Friday, and was raring to go!  Jessica and I had a really touristy day.  First we hit up the London Eye.  We were lucky because it was partly cloudy and no rain!  The view was spectacular!  I really love Big Ben, so I took a bunch of pictures of it every time I could see it.  Then we walked across Westminster Bridge, got some crepes right across from Big Ben, and walked our way to Buckingham Palace!  The queen was home while we were there, because the flag on the palace was up!  Unfortunately though, we could not go inside because they were booked until next year!  I better plan my next trip to London better.  When we were at Buckingham Palace, Jessica asked me to take a picture of her with the palace in the background.  I tried to lean back to get a better shot, but there wasn’t really any railing there when I thought there would be!  I almost fell into the garden!  I was laughing at myself, and so were some other tourists. Oops!

Riding on the London Eye!


Have I told you how much I love Big Ben?

The Palace of Buckingham 🙂

Why won’t they let me in?

After that we took the Underground to a shopping area called the Covent Gardens.  I bought a couple of gifts and we ended our time there at a little coffee shop where I got a treacle tart- Harry Potter’s favorite dessert!

My delicious Treacle Tart

Then we were on our way back to Egham again.  We were having trouble finding wifi for Jessica’s iPhone so she could tell Ashleigh to meet us at the train station in Egham, so we just tried finding our own way back to Royal Holloway.  We were on the right path, but later Ashleigh called Jessica asking her where we were.  She was waiting for us at the train station!  I felt so bad because we must have just missed each other.  Fortunately we were able to meet up and then went to a pub called the Beehive for dinner.  I had some lovely fried mushrooms there.  I was seeing a lot of mushrooms served in London, so I thought I had better try some.  Then it was time for bed!  We had to wake up at 4 to get to the airport for our 7:15 flight back to Copenhagen.  I slept pretty well on the plane.

Like I said before, London is my new favorite city.  I can’t wait to go back again sometime!


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