Fulfilling my civic duty and not studying

Here is my update and this last week in Copenhagen!

On Tuesday I went to the U.S. Embassy with my friend Kaitlin and we both voted!  We were so proud of our absentee ballots even though people were telling us that they don’t really count.  We just wanted to fulfill our civic duties.  It was not all that warm and fuzzy at the embassy, and they took our envelopes away to scan them when we just got in the door, and I was worried about what they were doing to my ballot.  But then the gave them back and we just dropped them in the bin that was 2 feet away from us.  We did not go very far into the embassy.  It was all very anti-climactic.  But then we celebrated voting by getting pastries at St. Peter’s bakery.  Even better that they give student discounts!  All in all, a successful morning.

On Wednesday, Jessica and I went to visit our friend Annie in Allerød.  It was a gorgeous afternoon!  The sun was actually out!  It was a bit of a walk, but it was totally worth it since it was so beautiful out with all of the autumn colors and because we got to see Annie!  Annie’s host family recently adopted two kittens.  We played with them for a while (except for Jessica since she is allergic) and they were just purring machines!  Of course it pretty much made my day.  Then we jumped on the trampoline.  I couldn’t stop laughing while we were on it. It’s been a while since I’ve jumped on one!

How can you resist this face!

After a bit at Annie’s, we headed back into the city to go to Tivoli!  We met my eldest host brother’s girlfriend, Oda, at central station, and went to Tivoli together.  They put a bunch of Halloween decorations and lights up this time of year, and it was great to see!  It was also very crowded though since it was the autumn holiday (I still call it the potato holiday but nobody else here does).  At some places it was almost impossible to just move to the other side!

Tivoli at Halloween

Me with Jessica and Annie at Tivoli!

On Thursday I was a little worried because I had an outline for a paper, a patient case, and an exam in my Cold War class, The Enemy WIthin, to study for on Friday.  But, I finished the outline pretty quickly once I found my sources, and my patient case deadline was moved to Sunday at midnight (in fact, I turned it in just before writing this post!).  And let me tell you about the exam I had.  There were three essay questions that the professor gave us in advance on Wednesday night.  We only had to answer one of the questions.  One of the options was to write about ANYTHING relating to the Cold War and espionage.  Also, we got to use our notes.  To say the least, I was not worried.

And do you remember me telling you about my Social Brain class where we took pictures of social interactions in Denmark one morning?  Well, we had our presentations of our picture collages on Thursday evening.  It still seemed like a joke to me.  Towards the end of our presentation, Jessica was trying to tell me something, but I am terrible at reading lips.  She said it a little louder, and we found out that we were going to be rooming in Cassat Hall once we return to Carleton.  It’s one of the newer dorms on campus, and I really like it, so we were both really really happy!

On Friday I learned how to do sutures and insert a catheter in my medical class!  We were all being nerdy and really excited about it.  I job shadowed a veterinarian for a lot of this last summer, and I saw him do sutures all the time.  He did them so fast!  I think he would close faster than I did my one suture, but I’m learning. 🙂

Look dad, my first suture!

When we got home, we made sushi with Karin, Steen, Andreas, Kristine (she came home for the weekend!), and Oda.  Karin counted, and together we made 78 pieces!  It was quite delicious.

So much sushi!

Now I’m just about on my way out for my long study tour in Berlin and Poznan!  I’m bringing my computer, so I will hopefully have time to update you on all of my adventures there!


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