Happy Halloween!

Now that I’ve come back from Berlin and Poznan, these next two weeks of school before our third and final travel break are crazy busy!  I had an exam yesterday, I have another one tomorrow, and then one next Friday along with a  group paper for next Friday too.  But, I don’t think my exam tomorrow will be so bad, especially since I don’t have any field studies today, so I can just study study study.  Yesterday, Karin had a potluck dinner with all of her co-workers, and they shared all of the food with us!  There were so many delicious dishes, and both Karin and I agreed that we were stuffed.

I also was fortunate enough to wake up at 2:13 (that’s what I set my alarm for) this morning to register for classes.  My registration time was at 8:20 on the 30th, but of course, I am not at Carleton to register!   Luckily we already changed the clocks for daylight savings time, so I registered at 2:20 instead of 3:20 in the morning  Here are my classes for winter term!

Chemistry 233- Organic Chemistry I Waaaaah 😦

Chemistry 233L- Organic Chemistry I Lab

History 298- Junior Colloquium (methodology)

History 278- The Spanish Inquisition

PE 171- Step Aerobics with RUSS!

And today is Halloween!  Happy Halloween everybody!  I’m going to have lunch with some friends today, but that is all the excitement that will happen since I have that midterm tomorrow.  You can look forward to hearing all about Poznan on Thursday once my exam is over.  Eat lots of candy for me! 🙂

Booker is not amused and is therefore running away as fast as he can.

What a handsome fellow!

Booker was having a very happy Halloween last year, and wishes you all the same!


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