My 25 Hour Day

As you all probably know it was election night on Tuesday!  My friend Kaitlin invited a bunch of people over to her host family’s home for dinner and to watch the election.  My first class on Tuesday starts at 8:30 in the morning, so I usually wake up at 6:30 on those days to get ready and to take my commute into account.  My MPP class was later than it usually is because we were going to a different hospital to learn CPR and how to put iv’s in.  CPR was a lot more difficult than I thought it would be.  You have to push pretty hard!  And then putting iv’s in was just a mess.  We used phantom hands to do it, and you had to feel for the vein, put the iv in , remove the needle, and so on.  I didn’t cap it right away so a ton of fake blood just splashed out!  And then we had to flush it with saline, but not all of it went in.  Some of it spritzed my face too!  It was a pretty funny experience, but it is a good thing that we didn’t do this on each other!

Not a doctor.

Class was over at 5:30, so I headed right over to Kaitlin’s house afterwards.  Kaitlin and I both take the B-line, but live on opposite sides.  It wasn’t that difficult finding her house, but it gets dark around 4 here, so I was walking pretty fast.  A few of us had dinner with Kaitlin’s host family, and as it got later, more and more people started showing up to watch the election results.  We even made a strawberry and blueberry trifle with dark chocolate in it in honor of election night (full credit goes to Rachel Pedersen)!

Trifle time!

We all stayed up for most of the night/morning.  I think I napped for a total of 1-2 hours.  I think there were about 12 of us, and most of us had our computers out trying to find out who was getting which state.  Darn Florida…..haha.  It wasn’t until around 6 that it was officially called for Obama.  We celebrated by eating the trifle. 🙂  At 6:30 I left with my friend Annie to go back home.  I didn’t get home until 7:30, and that’s when I finally took a well deserved nap!

Keeping track with all of the computers.

Today is my third and last travel break!  I will be going to Vienna in a few hours, and will be back on Sunday!  To all my Carleton friends, good luck wrapping up the term!

Vienna waits for me. 🙂


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