The hills are alive, with the sounds of Salzburg!

On Tuesday we woke up at 4:30.  Gross, I know.  But now my going to bed around 9 doesn’t sound so strange, does it?  We had to get to our train to Salzburg, It was about a two and a half hour ride to Salzburg, and we were supposed to get there around 9 so we get to our 9:30 tour on time!  We turned the wrong way after leaving the train station, but figured that out quickly and then we got are tickets for the Sound of Music tour and were ready to go!  We had 9 people in our van including our driver, and headed out into beautiful Salzburg.  She gave us a tour of the city, but the first place that was Sound of Music related was the boat scene in the movie.  The house was not the house in the movie because the owner did not want anything Nazi related near the house.  The producer was able to go inside the house and take sketches of it so he could recreate the set elsewhere.  The gazebo used to be here too, but rowdy/probably drunk people would sing 16 going on 17 and annoy people in the middle of the night, so the gazebo was moved.  After that, we went to where the gazebo actually stands at Hellbrunn Palace!  On our way there, we drove past the Von Trapp house, or at least what they filmed as the front of the house.

Ready for the tour!

Who can remember this from the movie?

We are 16 going on 17. But, not really, at all.

After that, we had a very scenic drive up to a town called Sank Gilgen, the town where Mozart’s mother was born.  Then we were on our way to Mondsee because the church, St. Michael’s church, was where the wedding is filmed in the movie!

Me with beautiful Lake Wolfgang in the back

Outside the church

And inside the church!

We had an hour to ourselves while we were there, Jessica, Jenny and I had lunch and did a little souvenir shopping. Then we were on our way back into Salzburg.  Our tour guide was playing songs from the movie throughout the tour (her favorite is My Favorite Things.  It’s her pump up song :P), and the last song we heard as the tour was ending was So Long, Farewell.  It ended as soon as she parked, and she said that never happened to her before!  Then Jessica, Jenny and I walked over to Mirabell Gardens since it was right next to where the tour began.  This is where some of Do-Re-Mi was filmed!

Pegasus fountain

We! did some more shopping around Salzburg, saw where Mozart was born, and then headed back home!

River in Salzburg and love locks on the fence. Couples put there names on them and lock them on.  They were everywhere on the bridge!

Mozart’s birth place


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