Christmas Before Thanksgiving

Last Wednesday my Social Brain class went on a field study to the Police Museum in Copenhagen.  If I remember correctly, it is the only or one of the only museums in the world created and funded by the police.  There is a fairly new exhibit in the museum called “Evil” and it is on all of the infamous murders that have occurred in Denmark.  One of the historians working told us three different murder stories, and some of the murder weapons are on display in the exhibit.  One of the murders involved the burning of a body, and then combining the bones with cement to create a new floor and get rid of the evidence.  Of course the criminals were caught, but the museum had a piece of the cement with the bones in it, and the historian talking to us passed that piece of cement around. The exhibit has been a great source of controversy because the families of those murdered are understandably very upset with it.  It is quite a chilling exhibit.  What made it even worse was that the day after we came back from Vienna, we had found out that there was a murder in the town I live in!  Ahhhhhh, to much.

On a much much more happier note, Copenhagen is all dressed up for Christmas!  After the field study, I went with a bunch of Carleton friends to Tivoli to see all of the Christmas decorations.  It was just like walking in a winter wonderland.  I just need some snow!  Jessica and I got some churros at my eldest host-brother’s favorite place to get them, and we also walked through the Christmas market.

Decorations up in Copenhagen. 🙂

The St. Petersburg of Tivoli

Beautiful ornaments at the Christmas market

They even had reindeer at Tivoli!

On Thursday night (happy belated Thanksgiving everybody!) Steen, Karin, Jessica and I started preparing for our Thanksgiving feast!  Karin bought a 4 kilo turkey!   We did not celebrate until Friday just because it was more convenient that way.  They don’t celebrate Thanksgiving in Denmark of course, so people unfortunately still have to go to work and school.  Boooooo.

I was hoping to get out of my medical class early on Friday so that I could come home and help cook before all of our guests were to arrive.  My class was on gynecology and midwifery and I learned how to give gynecological exams and deliver a baby!  I got out of class on time, but the Metro was stuck for a good 10 to 15 minutes because the door wouldn’t close for some reason.  That was pretty annoying.

I finally made it home and finished up some of the dishes.  And then everybody came!  We had 11 people in all because we invited our friend Annie and her host parents over too!  Our menu consisted of turkey, mashed potatoes, apple walnut stuffing, green bean casserole, brussel sprouts with capers, roasted butternut squash and sweet potatoes, my host grandfather’s breads, cranberry sauce, and Annie’s pumpkin pie.  We were definitely all full by the end of the meal.  It was pretty funny, because Karin and Steen did not know Annie’s host parents, but when the started talking they ended up knowing a lot of the same people because Annie’s host mom grew up where Karin’s mother was born.  It’s a small world!

Our Thanksgiving feast! Photo credit to the lovely miss Wu. 🙂

Maysi sitting under my chair just hoping for some crumbs, haha.

Now I’ve finished one of my four papers.  It’s hard finding motivation to work when you only have so many days left abroad and there are still so many things to do!


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