Vi ses Denmark

How did four months go by so quickly?  HOW?

On Thursday morning I had my last final at DIS which was for my marine biology class.  I took the whole 2 hours, and the exam went pretty well!  I was just so excited to be done and return all of my books after it was over.  Later in the afternoon, I went with some friends to an outdoor ice skating rink in Frederiksberg.  I am pretty sure that the last time I went ice skating was in middle school.  I was really proud of myself though for not falling!  We stayed for about an hour, but there were some really good Danes tearing up the ice and then made us all feel like fools. 😛

In the evening, we were surprised to hear that Søren and Oda were coming to say goodbye!  I had thought that I had seen Oda for the last time a week ago, so it was wonderful seeing both of them again!

Today is Friday and my final full day in Denmark. 😦  Four months seems like a long time, but it just goes by so quickly!  This morning Jessica and I met up with our friend Annie to see the Fredricksborg Castle in Hillerød.  It was built for King Christian IV but is now a museum for national history.  We just walked around it and passed by a few kids sledding down a hill nearby.

Afterwards, Jessica and I went back into Copenhagen to buy the last few Christmas gifts on our list and to eat lunch with our friend Todd.  After lunch, we ran into Annie again at the Royal Copenhagen store!  The last stop was the A.C. Perch tea store, because I know I will want tea all the time once I get back home!  The store is really small, and there line was so long and people were waiting outside the store in the cold.  I had to wait maybe 20-30 minutes before I got to buy my tea, but I’m sure it will be worth it!

Tonight we had our last dinner with Karin and Steen.  Andreas and Fredrick also joined us to say goodbye.  Karin made a lovely dinner, as she always does. 🙂  We ended up sitting at the table for a few hours just chatting and enjoying each others company.  Karin and Steen also surprised us with Christmas presents, and we did the same for them!  I got them a candle holder with rotating reindeer at the top, and they got me an angel ornament and a book called Fall of Giants.  They had talked about it before, and they remembered that I was interested in it!

Packing is awful.  I greatly dislike it.  But, I managed to zip up both of my suitcases and have two backpacks stuffed with stuff (what else would they be stuffed with? :P).  I’m going to wake up at 4:45 tomorrow morning to say goodbye to Jessica because she has to leave from here at 5!  I’m not leaving until around noon, and then I’ll pack up the last of my belongings and be on my way…..

These last four months have been incredible.  There is really no good way to describe all of the wonderful experiences I have had.  I couldn’t have asked for better host parents.  Karin and Steen have been amazing and I feel like I have a second family here in Denmark including all of their children, their friends and just everybody that comes through their doors.  It is going to be so hard to say goodbye, but I know I will be back someday and that I will definitely visit them when I do!  I have loved every minute of going to school in Copenhagen.  Being in a city is definitely different than the small town Minnesota life I am used too, but Copenhagen is now my favorite European city.  I may be biased. 😛  I’ve made so many great friends that I hope to keep in touch with.  DIS has been one of the best decisions of my life, and if you know me you know how indecisive I am.  I cannot believe all the wonderful opportunities and people I have met along the way, and I am thankful and grateful for each and every one of them.

Vi ses Denmark, until we meet again!


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