Coping in Copenhagen

I’m just keeping a running list about living in Copenhagen for all to see! I tend to exaggerate a bit.

1. Never walk in a bike lane because you will die.

2. Do not cross the zebra crossing aka cross walk until the light is green even if you do not see any cars coming. You’ll look like an arrogant fool because you very rarely see people here jaywalking.

3. Always carry an umbrella, raincoat, and sunglasses with you. You never know what is going to happen! I was told that if it rains in the morning it will be beautiful in the afternoon and vice versa. One morning it was pouring rain so Jessica and I wore our rainboots. The rest of the day was simply gorgeous and we ended up trudging around the whole day with our heavy boots.

4. Get used to eating rye bread! I think that it is pretty good, but it is not for everybody.

Typical Danish rye bread

5. Living in Copenhagen is quite expensive. It is wise to pack a lunch instead of having to go out to eat all the time when you’re in the city. I saw a raincoat in the U.S. for $80. I found the same raincoat here, and it was equivalent to $125!

6. Take short showers. Energy is very expensive, so Danes take very short showers. In my orientation, they recommended taking 5 minute showers. If I can do it, you can do it.

7. Danes can be very sarcastic and have dark humor. I find sarcasm to be pretty funny, but if there is any dark humor, you and I will probably not understand it.

8. From what I have seen, Danes are very healthy! I have been eating a lot of oats, but I like it.

9. People are very quite on the public transportation. I’ve only seen people talk if they come on the S-tog with someone they know, or if they are on their phones. The S-tog is usually very quiet in the mornings. If you are talking, you seem weird unless you are the super adorable kitten that was on the S-tog. But you’re probably not a cat if you are reading this.

10. Danish words with another meaning in English (Danish – English):
killing – kitten
slut – end

11. You don’t wear sweatpants when you go out unless you are hungover and just want ice cream (according to one Dane). But really, I haven’t seen people wearing sweatpants in public.

12. If you are not blond, you might want to consider changing that. I know I have.

13. The only shoes you are allowed to wear are Converse, Toms, or Nike shoes.

14. If you’re a girl, putting your hair in a top knot or a high bun is a must. I love it because that’s always what I do with my hair anyway when I just don’t care.

A typical top knot. Too bad mine never look this good.

15. Your closet must be all black. If it’s not, throw everything else away and go shopping pronto.

16. Danes love watching reruns of the old 90210. Good thing I’ve never seen an episode of that show in my life.

17. Large chunky scarves are a must.

18. Be as tall as you can be.

19. If you are a Danish child, you are automatically adorable.

20. If you are invited to an event on Facebook, you either join it or decline it. Never ever ever click maybe. Just don’t do it.