Walking In a Winter Wonderland

I just had my last full weekend in Denmark.  So bittersweet!  On Saturday Karin and Steen took Jessica and I to Frilesmuseet in Lyngby.  Before leaving though, Karin asked Steen if we should change the car’s tires.  I asked Steen if I could help because I’ve never changed tires before.  It seems like a good skill to have!  It ended up taking longer than we thought, and I really didn’t help all that much, but now I know how to do it!  I have the picture to prove it!  Frilesmuseet translates to the Open Air Museum in English, and it reminds me a lot of a place called Pioneer Village at home, except on a much larger scale.  There are over fifty original farms, houses, and gardens in the museum coming from Denmark, Sweden, Schleswig and the Faroe Islands.  It was pretty cold, but very pretty!  All of this snow is reminding me of being home in Minnesota.

I helped change the tires!

I helped change the tires!

A lovely wintery day!

A lovely wintery day!

Just sittin on some hay.

Just sittin on some hay.

We had a traditional Danish Christmas dinner and invited Oda because that was the last time we were going to see her! 😦  Oh, and Andreas came too.  Karin changed the menu because he was coming and she made ham instead, haha.  They also made brunede kartofler for us, or brown potatoes which are basically potatoes with butter and sugar.  They were delicious!  And then Steen made some homemade gløgg too.  I think it was even better than the one I had at Peter’s house!  A very hygge evening indeed.

I was really looking forward to Sunday because I got to go horseback riding for the first time through a winter wonderland.  It was snowing a lot on Sunday, so Steen said it was a good thing we had the winter tires on!  We were meeting with our friend Annie and her host mom Agnete to visit their horse at some stables close to Hillerød.  They were having a Christmas scavenger hunt around the woods there, but we didn’t try to win at all.  We answered a total of three questions and were probably the last ones back.  We just took our time and enjoyed the snowy day.  Everyone seemed to know how excited I was about getting to ride a horse, so they all let me go first.  Agnete has an Icelandic horse, and it was quite calm and easy going, so it was a good horse to ride for the first time!  After we all had a chance to ride the horse, we returned to the stables and had snacks and tea.  I really hope that I can ride again in the near future!

The weekend went by way too quickly, as all weekends do.  On Monday Jessica and I had our first final for the Social Brain.  We had all received an official exam schedule from DIS via email, so we used that to find our room.  About half our class was there, but it was confusing because the room on the schedule said we were supposed to take the final in a faculty lounge.  But, we saw at least half of our classmates in the room next to it, so we sat there waiting for our proctor.  Our exam was supposed to start at 9, but the proctor never came.  A classmate, Ben, went to go see other Social Brain section’s proctor to see if we were in the wrong place, and another person asked a faculty member, who said that the proctor was running late.  However, soon after that, the Ben called and said that we had to go to the other building to take our test.  So we all had to move and started the exam around 9:15 instead of 9.  I was pretty stressed at first because I usually take all of the time alloted when I take an exam whether I need it or not.  The good news is that the exam was really easy!  I finished a bit before time was up, and the Jessica and I got pastries to celebrate with our friend Nicole. 🙂

Today I finished my last paper for DIS!  Now I just have to worry about two finals and packing.  Ahhhhh!  Time is going by way to quickly!


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